AFTI Corporation

Message from Group CEO

When I founded the company in 2017,

I myself was a complete newbie in corporate world. I just had the passion, entrepreneurial blood and the guts to start the first ever subsidiary. That's the most a 17 year old could do. Later, as I and the entity grew, we decided to diversify and create an ecosystem of businesses. The word "ecosystem" itself explains our thought process. We are creating the set of companies who will cater every single consumer in different stages and scenario of his/her life.

"Struggle is your real friend as it never leaves you alone."

Our tagline "Dynamic in Every Dimension" shows our strong mindset towards our principle, vision and honesty towards our clients/consumers. We are thriving ahead to complete a 1st set ecosystem of companies. As a result of it, we aim to hold 10 subsidiary companies by the end of 2080 B.S. We will be multiplying that number by 2 times in consecutive 5 years till the number favors our vision.

I pass my best wishes to all CxOs, Senior as well as Junior executives of each subsidiaries who are unified to turn AFTI Corporation into Nepal's Biggest Conglomerate with full commitment towards our consumers, clients and the entire nation.

Shraddhesh Acharya - Group CEO | Chairman .